At Arete Ethik Invest, we focus on long-term, prudent planning when it comes to your financial future. As an asset manager, we take a holistic view of your finances as part of our wealth management services. Our wealth management services include ethical-sustainable asset management, financial and pension planning.

Sustainable wealth management

As part of a wealth management mandate, we take over the investment and management of your available assets, with a disciplined and consistent focus on ethics and sustainability.

Our services for private individuals at a glance:

  • Portfolio and risk analysis of your current investments
  • Investment strategy advice, considering your investment objectives and risk appetite
  • Asset management according to your specifications (consisting of single securities if investment above CHF 500,000 / EUR 500,000)

Portfolio management in three steps:

  1. Before we start, we work with you to analyse and define your personal risk profile. Based on this we determine an appropriate investment strategy together with you.
  2. Once completed is the responsibility for the careful and active management of your assets transferred to us
  3. Our specialists invest your money in accordance with your investment profile, taking consideration of market conditions at all times.

Do you value investing ethically and sustainably just as highly as the opportunity for above-average long-term returns? Then you have come to the right place. We are happy and experienced for nearly 30 years in supporting you and many existing clients to invest using this approach.

Sustainable financial planning

Financial planning is the comprehensive and interlinked analysis of your financial situation, taking into account pension provision, taxes and inheritance law. You will find out how you can successfully implement your personal plans and goals. As part of our financial planning, you will receive

  • Professional advice from experienced financial planners
  • Clear presentation of your financial situation
  • An analysis with suggestions for measures to optimise your finances
  • Long-term planning regarding income and expenditure
  • Support with implementation and long-term monitoring

In the area of financial planning, we work together with renowned partners and provide you with needs-oriented support in each phase of life.

Sustainable pension planning

Pension planning has a lot to do with sustainability. Because what you decide today will determine your standard of living tomorrow. We are happy to advise and support you on all issues relating to your retirement, such as

  • Development of your financial situation beyond retirement
  • Options for buying into your pension fund
  • Choice of pension or lump-sum withdrawal at retirement
  • Options for early retirement, partial retirement or a reduction in workload
  • Advantages and disadvantages of amortising your mortgage on retirement

In the area of pension planning, we work together with renowned partners and provide you with needs-oriented support in this complex issue.

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