Helping to shape the future.

Are you a private individual or institutional investor looking for social and environmental investment opportunities?
Do you want to actively influence the future of society and the environment positively with your investments?
When it comes to investing, do you value responsibility just as highly as the opportunity for above-average returns over the long term?

Then you are exactly right with us.

Arete Ethik Invest AG’s services are independent of banks and neutral. Sie orientieren sich ausschließlich an den individuellen Bedürfnissen des Kunden – und an unseren ethischen Richtlinien.

Our offer:

For private customers.

  • From CHF 500,000 / EUR 500,000 disciplined asset management according to your specifications
  • Advice regarding investment strategies

For institutional investors, such as pension funds, foundations, NPOs.

  • Disciplined asset management of overall portfolios or segments according to your specifications
  • Development of sustainability guidelines
  • Advice regarding investment strategies
  • Management of white label funds or special fundsWhen you choose Arete Ethik Invest AG, you entrust your investment transactions to experienced specialists.

In doing so, you can rest assured that your assets are invested in investments with high sustainable standards as determined by the PRIME VALUES Ethics Committee.

Before we get started, we work with you to analyze and define your personal risk profile and determine your investment strategy. Only then do you entrust us with the responsibility for the careful and active management of your assets. According to your investment profile and market conditions, our investment specialists work with your capital. For you and for a sustainable future.

Arete Ethik Invest AG’s services are independent of banks and neutral. They are based solely on the individual needs of the customers – and according to our ethical guidelines.

Asset Management