Office of the Ombudsman

I. Membership

Arete Ethic Invest AG is affiliated with OFS Ombud Finanzen Schweiz. The SFO is an ombudsman’s office recognized by the Federal Department of Finance within the meaning of the FIDLEG. Arete Ethic Invest AG thus fulfills the requirements of Art. 77 FIDLEG and Art. 16 FINIG.

II OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland
OFS is a Swiss foundation that provides mediation and dispute resolution services to affiliated financial institutions, financial service providers, financial advisors and their clients. These services can be used by customers or by financial service providers. The SFO Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt legal entity and is subject to federal supervision.
OFS was recognized by the Federal Department of Finance on June 24, 2020 as an official ombudsman office under the FIDLEG.

III. OFS Services
The OFS Foundation offers dispute resolution services to clients of financial service providers, as well as to financial service providers and financial institutions, in accordance with the Federal Act on Financial Services (FIDLEG). In accordance with the law, a fast and efficient dispute resolution procedure is available to the customers of financial service providers.

IV. Contact details

OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland
10 rue du Conseil-Général
CH-1205 Geneva
Phone +41 22 808 04 51