The best of both worlds.

Investments are traditionally based on the basic requirements of security, return and liquidity. Investment ethics combines these criteria with new standards. These are derived from the social significance of companies and from the principles of good corporate governance.

Our goal: A safe and profitable, but at the same time socially and ecologically responsible investing behaviour that is geared towards sustainable entrepreneurial value creation.

Optimal return with justifiable risk.

We use our own valuation models to quantify the financial return and risk prospects. This is because we do not automatically invest when the PRIME VALUES Ethics Committee approves a security, but only invest when the risk-return profile is promising and the investment appears sensible from the point of view of diversification. Continuous monitoring of the performance of the securities and the funds additionally helps minimise risk.

Business models for the future.

We continuously evaluate securities with sustainable business models and growth prospects and propose them to our Investment Committee. In parallel, the Ethics Committee evaluates the ethical orientation of the issuers and thus determines the investment universe with its decisions.

The independent Ethics Committee is composed of renowned experts from various fields. It continuously monitors compliance with the strict ethical standards.


Investment Policy

Business Principles