Ten good principles.

The following business principles guide our day-to-day asset management and investment advisory decisions:

  1. Independence.
    As an owner-managed company, our ownership structure is clear and transparent. We act responsibly at all times. We are independent of other companies in determining our investment policy. Building and maintaining the financial independence of our clients is our priority. In order to exclude conflicts of interest, we never engage in proprietary trading.
  2. Tailored to clients.
    We develop the wealth planning strategy, investment objectives and risk profiles exclusively in consultation with our clients. All client decisions are binding for us. Clients know our advisors personally. Clients freely determine their bank account in Switzerland. They grant us a limited power of attorney to manage their assets. Our clients can terminate their mandates at any time with immediate effect. We pursue a consistent white money strategy and manage only declared assets.
  3. Preserving value.
    We strive for optimal return and growth opportunities for our clients with active asset management, quantitative as well as qualitative analysis processes. The preservation of assets over the long-term is our priority. We invest mainly in cost-transparent and liquid investments. This allows us to show at any time where the funds are invested and what risk they are exposed to.
  4. Sustainable at its core.
    We understand “sustainable development” as a continuous process of simultaneously bringing economic, ecological and social aspects to bear. Since 1995, we have been working with a qualitative analytical process that translates “sustainability” into investment ethics. In doing so, we build on “Integrative Business Ethics” and apply this to our established investment process.
  5. Ecology.
    The impact of our offering on society and the environment is considerably greater than the ecological impact of our business activities. We always pay attention to the careful use of natural resources and optimise the use of them.
  6. Social responsibility.
    We take our social obligation towards society, our customers, our employees and business partners – our stakeholders – equally seriously. All employees, regardless of their personal background or individual lifestyle, have the same opportunity for personal recognition. We encourage their personal development and the optimal use of their talents. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment or bullying. We offer all employees (including interns and business partners) healthy and fair working conditions. We maintain an open, performance-based corporate culture.
  7. Transparency and fairness in fees and charges.
    We only receive fees from our clients. The fee structure varies depending on the client relationship (funds, private or institutional clients) as well as on the volumes managed. Fees and charges are set contractually and comply with the Code of Professional Conduct of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM). Asset management contracts are concluded with a waiver of retrocessions.
  8. Communication and reporting.
    We keep our clients up to date on the development of our PRIME VALUES funds with monthly “factsheets”. We also provide information on the mandates entrusted to us on a semi-annual, quarterly or, on an ad-hoc basis. Our clients get a detailed insight into the performance and the current positioning at any time. Of course, we treat all information confidentially.
  9. Integrity and security.
    We operate within the framework of Swiss legislation. We ensure the quality and security of our offering internally with specific regulations, organisational instructions, guidelines and training. Since 2014, we have also been directly subject to
    the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. We integrate the guidelines and codes of conduct of the following institutions into all our business processes:
  1. The business principles in everyday life.
    Should any ambiguities or unanswered questions arise with regard to the business principles or practices, internal and external stakeholders can contact the Compliance Officer Roland Isler (hc.kihte-etera@relsi.dnalor) in person or by e-mail.


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