Preserving values.

As an owner-managed asset management company, we think in long-term dimensions. Also for you as our customer. After all, assets that have often been acquired over long periods of time should be preserved and passed on to future generations.

Our highly motivated employees and a direct information chain ensure high operational effectiveness and flexibility. This enables us to react to customer requirements at lightning speed and implement them individually. Listening and understanding is the basis of every customer relationship. Because we take the time for detailed and comprehensive discussions and attach great importance to personal continuity in consulting.

Thanks to our independence, we act free of corporate structures and product interests. This sharpens our focus on the essentials – especially on the sustainability of our investments.

Essential Stages:


Launch of PRIME VALUES Ethical Fund by Dr. Höller Vermögensverwaltung


Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers acquires Dr. Höller Vermögensverwaltung AG and merges with existing subsidiary in Switzerland


Hauck & Aufhäuser (Schweiz) AG bases 100% of its offering on sustainable investment criteria


By means of a management buy-out, the management and employees use the opportunity to set up the company completely independently. Change of name to Arete Ethik Invest AG.

Our name defines our goal.

Whether we act on our own behalf or on your behalf, we set ourselves high goals. The expression of this is our name. The ancient Greek word arete stands for virtue in philosophical contexts. In the parlance of ancient Greece, ‘arete’ had whoever was proficient in performing their duties. Things could also have ‘arete’ if they worked particularly well. People like things made ‘Arete’ exquisite. In the totality of its meanings, then, Arete combines key aspects of ethics with success. The word describes our ideals, our goals and our products. An investment that we recommend to you has arete in both respects: it has been chosen according to virtuous aspects and it works excellently by increasing your wealth.