A directory of ethical and sustainable charities and foundations

Every child deserves a future – whether in Switzerland or around the world. With this conviction, the association tirelessly supports the most disadvantaged children.

Mission 21 works in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the context of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Swiss Mountain Aid is a foundation financed exclusively by donations and has been helping people in the Swiss mountains since 1943.

The SOS Children’s Village protects children at risk from losing their families and helps families to shape their own future.

MYBLUEPLANET is an independent, non-profit association that promotes concrete climate protection in Switzerland.

The Pro Mente Sana Foundation is comprehensively committed to strengthening mental health in Switzerland.

Our vision is a world in which we have overcome hunger and even the poorest people live healthy, dignified and self-determined lives.

Cerebral supports children and adults who have been affected by cerebral movement disability, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy since birth.

FIZ Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration works for the protection and rights of migrants who are affected by violence and exploitation.

The Lung League advises and cares for people with lung and respiratory diseases.

A society free from violence, oppression and alcohol- and drug-related disease – that is our vision;

Our vision is to save lives and provide first aid together.

FRAGILE Suisse is the Swiss patient and disability organisation for people with brain injury and relatives.

Pro Infirmis is the first point of contact throughout Switzerland for people with physical, cognitive and mental disabilities and their relatives.

The Alpine Initiative aims to protect the unique and ecologically sensitive Alpine region and to preserve it as a habitat.

TIR is committed to strong legal animal welfare.

Caritas Switzerland prevents, alleviates and combats poverty in Switzerland and in around 20 countries worldwide.

Procap is the largest member association of and for people with disabilities in Switzerland.

Helvetas is a Swiss development organisation and is active in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

The foundation supports children and young people with their parents on their way to becoming self-determined and responsible personalities.

The Swiss Heritage Society, together with its sections, is committed to the built heritage and valuable urban and rural spaces.

Aiducation aims to give underprivileged and high-achieving youth access to quality education.

The Swiss AIDS Federation is an umbrella organisation of independent cantonal, regional and national non-profit organisations;

We are there when it’s “Your child has cancer”. Because this sentence turns the life of the whole family upside down. Nothing is as it was.

HEKS, the aid organisation of the Swiss Protestant Reformed Church, supports projects to combat poverty and injustice in around 30 countries.

The Dargebotene Hand is the best-known contact point for emotional first aid in Switzerland/FL.

Pro Natura is committed to preserving and promoting the natural diversity of animals, plants and habitats.

Since 1988, we have been committed to helping children affected by cancer and their families in the Basel region.

In the spirit of Pastor Sieber, the SWS support people in need with material, medical, social and pastoral help.

OceanCare tackles ocean pollution and advocates for an intact marine habitat.

“Kinderhilfe Emmaus is a Swiss NGO and supports needy children and their families in countries with the highest poverty rates.

The Swiss Landscape Protection Foundation (SL-FP) is committed to the preservation, maintenance and promotion of native landscapes.

Since 1993, the Theodora Foundation has been pursuing the goal of brightening up the everyday lives of children in hospital and specialised institutions with joy and laughter.

Solidar Suisse provides development cooperation and emergency humanitarian aid in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Southeast Europe.

EcoSolidar promotes local projects in the areas of organic farming for food security, education and training of youth and empowerment of women.

Medair supports people in hard-to-reach areas who are in need due to conflict, disaster and disease.

CARE stands for aid in war and crisis zones and long-term development cooperation. Our focus is on the protection and promotion of women and girls.

International, non-violent and independent. The threads of Greenpeace in Central and Eastern Europe come together in the Austrian office.

The organisation actively supports those people who need help most urgently in around 100 countries – regardless of ethnic origin, religion, nationality or gender.

miva transports help to where it is needed.

Right To Play is a global organisation that protects, educates and empowers children to overcome adversity through the power of play.