Reaching your goal together with independent investment advice

We are happy to welcome private and institutional clients to our offices in Zurich. We offer comprehensive asset management and investment advisory services. Your advantage: Arete Ethik Invest is independent of banks from the strategy to the implementation of the investment policy.

Whether investment objectives, the asset planning strategy derived from them or the risk profile: our clients are involved in all processes and phases. Every decision is made together and is then binding for us.

Progressing ethically with a system

With an active “asset allocation”, quantitative as well as qualitative analysis procedures and investment processes that have proven themselves over many years, we strive for optimal return and growth opportunities for our clients. The long-term preservation of assets is always in the foreground.

Proven sustainable investment policy

We strive for sustainable development. For Arete Ethik Invest AG, this is a continuous process that brings economic, ecological and social aspects to bear. We do not simply claim this: since 1995 we have been working with a qualitative analysis procedure that transfers the “sustainability” programme into our investment ethics. “An independent quality test certificate from the
Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen and the University of Hamburg: Our PRIME VALUES mixed funds have been awarded 3 out of a maximum of 3 stars for a particularly sophisticated and comprehensive sustainability strategy.”

Invest ethically and independently

The Ethics Committee is composed of renowned experts from various fields. They monitor compliance with the defined ethical standards on behalf of our investors. With well-founded decisions, the committee determines the investment universe that is binding for portfolio management.

Positive criteria for an ethical investment strategy

The Ethics Committee bases all assessments on positive and exclusion criteria. With the positive criteria, the sense of responsibility is tested by means of the following aspects:

  • Understanding of responsibility
  • Offer: Products and services
  • Processes
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Reputation

Exclusion criteria for ethical investment

The negative or exclusion criteria ensure that no companies are represented in the investment universe that:

  • Disregard human rights
  • are involved in the production or trade of weapons
  • Accelerate climate change
  • Use socially controversial technologies
  • Are involved in critical activities

Professional investment: focused and transparent

We invest globally in equities and bonds of companies and issuers that meet our ethical criteria. In addition, we rely exclusively on cost-transparent and predominantly liquid investments. In doing so, we can show at any time where the assets are invested and what risk they are exposed to. When investing in shares and bonds, we pay close attention to companies and issuers with a high sense of ecological and social responsibility.


Investment process

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