Sustainable value creation as a matter of principle.

Our goal is to invest profitably with regard for not only the highest possible business ethics, but also to achieve socially and ecologically responsible value creation. We are committed to this through our membership of leading industry organisations and associations.

Responsibility and returns optimally combined.

Many studies prove that ethical-sustainable investments do not have to forego higher returns. Especially if they are analysed and monitored just as carefully and professionally as conventional investments, nothing stands in the way of good returns. In developing our ethical-sustainable investment products, we combine financial and ethical-sustainable analysis – both for individuals, institutions and in mutual funds.

Investing methodology.

Our ethical-sustainable investment concept is based on the following values and principles:

  • Active management approach: Market capitalised benchmarks reflect the past and do not look into the future. We therefore deliberately and significantly deviate from these benchmarks in our investment style and seek to identify and invest in tomorrow’s winners.
  • Qualitative and quantitative: We analyse markets and securities based on their business data and the economic environment. We make our investment decisions through this qualitative assessment. All decisions are preceded by a quantitative analysis in order to narrow the field of opportunities.

Our thesis on sustainable companies as stable investment targets: Ethically managed companies have better chances to stably grow in the long term. We aim for long-term investment success.

So you benefit from companies that, for example:

  • Obtain cost benefits through energy efficiency improvements
  • Reduce procurement costs by increasing their sensitivity to the type of resources they use
  • Attract qualified employees with a progressive human resources policy

Promote their image and brand strength with a sense of their social responsibility

Investment Process

Investment Policy

Business Principles