Ethics and sustainability defined.

Arete Ethik Invest AG specifically uses insights from the old science of ethics for a growing understanding of sustainability for tomorrow.
We currently live in societies that are only hesitantly developing sustainably – even in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. However, the challenges ahead are pushing us all towards this path of resilience, sustainability or future viability.

How does it work?

The interdisciplinary and independent Ethics Committee meets monthly and evaluates issuers according to defined criteria. The outcome is to provide the portfolio management team with an ethically screened investment universe. Investments are only made in securities that are included in this defined universe and are binding. The specific investment selection is made by the portfolio management team.

“Deliberative” method

The members of the Ethics Committee represent different ethical positions. In a democratic exchange, a consensus is sought together. Where no consensus is reached, no investment is made. If a consensus is reached, it represents an ethical consciousness that is prevalent in Western societies. Thus, it represents a proxy “conscience” of investors.

If individual clients would like to have special sustainability criteria considered in their portfolio, we are also open to a customised application of stricter criterea.

Ethik-Komitee Film