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Are you an institutional investor looking for ethical-sustainable investment opportunities and regulatory sustainability compliance?

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Arete Ethik Invest AG’s services are independent of banks and neutral. With different fund management companies and custodian banks, we can work out the right solution for you.

Services for institutional investors

  • Disciplined asset management of overall portfolios or segments according to your specifications
  • Development of sustainability guidelines
  • Advice regarding investment strategies
  • Management of white label funds or special funds.

When you choose Arete Ethik Invest AG, you entrust your investment transactions to experienced specialists. In doing so, you can rest assured that your assets are invested in investments with high sustainable standards set by the PRIME VALUES Ethics Committee.

Asset management for pension funds and pension plans

The topic of sustainable investments has experienced a considerable upswing in recent years. This also applies to the investment policy of pension funds. Many pension funds want or need to invest more sustainably. However, the ideas of what exactly is involved vary widely. Pension funds are also continuously confronted with new challenges due to regulatory developments, changes in the liability structure and increasing complexity on the capital markets.

Our customers include pension funds and pension foundations from the DACH region.
We offer reliable and cost-efficient sustainable strategies for pension funds and pension plans in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. To assess the sustainability of investments, we use clearly defined parameters: We have our own ethics analyst team and an experienced, independent ethics committee. The Ethics Committee panel is composed of renowned experts from various fields. It defines the investment universe, taking into account ambitious ethical standards.

Taking sustainable criteria into account makes for better investment decisions, as risky, unethical or reputation-damaging business activities can be minimized. This is entirely in the interests of long-term value stability, as no corresponding premiums can be collected for these risks.

Asset management for insurance companies

Health, accident and also building insurance companies often have substantial assets in the form of investments. At the same time, they are confronted with numerous legal and regulatory requirements with regard to asset investment. Technical provisions and shareholders’ equity form the risk-bearing substance.

Competent asset management is central to stability. We ensure professional and secure asset management even in volatile markets. This includes a long-term investment policy, a clearly defined investment strategy, regulated competencies and professional reporting.

Our specialists have many years of extensive experience in asset management and sustainable investments. With our broad expertise, we develop services tailored to your needs and execute mandates in an efficient and client-oriented manner.

We will be happy to advise you. Give us a call.

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