Arete Ethik Invest offers ethical and sustainable investment and regulatory sustainability compliance solutions to institutional investors in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our clients include pension funds, charitable foundations and insurance companies looking for reliable and cost-efficient strategies with a focus on ethics and sustainability.

Our services for institutional investors

  • Asset management of overall multi-asset or single asset portfolios according to your specifications based on our universe of ethical-sustainable debt and equity issuers
  • Development of sustainability guidelines
  • Advice on investment strategies
  • Management of white label funds or special funds.

Advantages of our sustainable asset management

Taking ethical and sustainability criteria into account ensures better investment decisions, minimising the risk of investing in unethical or reputationally damaging business activities. As a pioneer in ethical and sustainable investing, Arete Ethik Invest’s philosophy and process achieves this goal.

  • Your assets will be invested in, for example, corporate and government bonds or developed market equities that the independent PRIME VALUES Ethics Committee has determined to have sound ethical standards and solid ESG strategies.
  • Our specialists have many years of extensive experience in asset management and ethical-sustainable investment.
  • We offer our services independent and neutral of the bank, custodian or fund management company you wish to work with
  • We are familiar with the challenges and regulatory requirements (EU SFDR, PAI, DNSH requirements etc.) faced by institutional investors and can offer solutions for them.

Asset management for pension funds

The topic of sustainable investing is gaining importance for pension funds. Many want or need to invest more sustainably, but lack a comprehensive understanding of the topic or a clear strategy.

New challenges presented by regulatory developments, changes in the liability structure and increasing capital market complexity constantly confront pension funds.

Arete Ethik Invest helps pension funds create clarity and supports them in developing and implementing their ethically sustainable investment strategy.

Asset management for insurance companies

Numerous legal and regulatory requirements also face health, accident, property and living insurance companies regarding their investments. Insurance reserves and equity together form the risk-bearing capital. Competent management of these reserves is central to the business’s stability.

Arete Ethik Invest seeks to ensure the professional and risk aware management of assets even in volatile markets. This includes helping formulate a long-term investment policy and a clearly defined investment strategy that takes consideration of regulatory requirements and reporting needs.

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