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Through our many years of experience in the support and asset management of foundations, we contribute to the success of your foundation. We align asset management with your foundation’s objectives and risk capacity, work with you to create the optimal investment strategy, and implement it cost-effectively.

Non-profit foundations and NPO’s usually place great emphasis on ethically sustainable and revenue-oriented strategies and goals.
Our approach allows us to meet the desire for responsible investment while securing funding for ongoing projects.

Our asset management is designed to achieve regular and predictable distributions and to safeguard your endowment capital with systematic asset management in risk management.

Charitable foundations and NPO’s face numerous challenges in defining and implementing investment strategy while taking into account statutory requirements, risk management, return objectives and especially reputational risks.

The many regulatory and legal requirements, the administrative duties of the foundation boards and, last but not least, the complexity of the capital markets make it difficult for the often honorary boards to concentrate on the main task, namely the realization of the foundation’s purpose.

Many foundations are characterized by the fact that they have to maintain their assets permanently and at the same time can only fulfill their purposes from the income. This poses challenges for foundation bodies. They must invest the foundation’s assets safely and at the same time as profitably as possible. There is a risk of liability in the event of incorrect investment decisions.

With our integrated, clear reporting with review and outlook, they are always up to date, are on the safe side and save time and money.

We consider it a matter of course not only to manage your foundation’s assets with the utmost care, but also to provide you with advice and assistance beyond thatn.

Our offer

  • Disciplined asset management of overall portfolios or segments according to your specifications
  • Asset analysis and advice on investment strategies
  • Development of sustainability guidelines
  • Ethics analyses for companies and issuers
  • Screening of your portfolio against defined ethical parameters
  • Beratung und Unterstützung beim Aus- und Aufbau von Ethikresearch

This is what our customers say:

“As a certified non-profit organization, we are obliged to have adequate financial reserves. Arete Ethik Invest AG has been managing these for many years with its convincing ethical investment approach and provides us with reliable and prudent support in asset management issues.”

Monika Uhlmann, Head of Finance Department and deputy Business Manager

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